Yeon Go Farm: Korean Roasted Goji Berry Tea Review

Welcome to our review of the [YEON GO FARM] ​ 100% Korean Roasted ⁤Goji Berry Tea! If you’re ‍looking for a flavorful and health-conscious beverage option, this tea might just be the ⁣perfect choice ‍for you. Made with 100% Korean ingredients and free from artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives, this tea is not only delicious​ but also a wholesome choice for​ your daily routine.

With a unique brewing ⁢method⁣ that enhances the original taste of the goji berries, this tea is ⁢a delightful blend of flavor ⁢and wellness. Whether ​you ‍prefer to steep it in‍ hot water or ‍add it to‍ your favorite recipes, the ‌options are endless ⁣with this versatile tea.

Join us as we dive into ⁣the details of this Korean ⁤Roasted Goji Berry Tea and discover why it deserves a spot in ​your pantry.‍ From the handmade roasting process ​to the‍ convenience of ‌easily⁢ brewing it in a T-bag, there’s‌ a lot to love about this delightful tea from YEON GO FARM. Let’s⁢ explore ⁢the world ​of Korean tea together and see what makes this product a standout choice for tea enthusiasts everywhere.

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We⁣ recently ⁤tried‍ out the [YEON GO FARM] Roasted Goji Berry‌ Tea⁤ and were pleasantly surprised by its unique flavor ⁤and versatility. This 100% Korean product is not only​ reliable but also⁤ free from artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives, making it ​a ​healthier choice for⁤ tea lovers. The handmade roasting‍ process at optimum temperature results in ‍a special dry and roasting method, enhancing the original taste of the tea.

Whether you prefer to drink⁣ it traditionally or‍ incorporate it into your food, this tea can be⁢ enjoyed in multiple ‍ways. With a maximum brewing ‍capacity of 1 liter per serving, it’s perfect‍ for sharing with friends and⁢ family.⁤ Plus, the convenient T-bag packaging allows you to⁢ take it on the go, whether you’re relaxing ⁤at a bathhouse or working out. Experience the delicious flavor of Korean goji berries with this exceptional tea from [YEON GO FARM] and ​upgrade your tea-drinking experience today!

Package Dimensions 9.72 ‌x 7.36 x 1.81 inches; 9.38 ounces
UPC 191752138414
Country of Origin Korea,‍ Republic of

Delving into the‌ Delicious World of Korean ‍Roasted Goji⁤ Berry Tea

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When ​we first tried the ⁢Korean‍ Roasted Goji Berry ⁤Tea from YEON‍ GO FARM,‌ we were blown away by its⁢ unique and delightful flavor. This tea is not‌ your average beverage ‌- it⁣ offers a rich and complex taste that⁢ is both comforting and invigorating.⁤ Made with a ​special dry and roasting method, ⁢this ​tea truly stands ‌out from the rest.

<li>100 Percent Korean</li>
<li>Artificial sweeteners FREE! Synthetic additives FREE!</li>
<li>Handmade roasting for optimal taste</li>

What we love ​most ‍about this tea is its versatility. Whether you‍ prefer to ‌brew it in a pot⁤ of hot water, chew on the berries whole, or ‍use ​a T-bag ​for on-the-go convenience, this tea can be ⁢enjoyed in many⁢ ways. Plus, knowing that it‍ is 100% harvested and made in Korea‍ by ‘Yeon Go Farm’ adds an extra layer of authenticity and quality to our tea-drinking experience.

<table class="wp-block-table">
<td>8.8oz / 250g │ Zipper Bag</td>
<td>Country of Origin</td>
<td>Korea, Republic of</td>

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Try the Korean Roasted Goji Berry Tea for yourself and experience a delicious taste of Korea!</a>

Unveiling‍ the Nutritional Benefits and Unique ⁤Flavor Profile

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Embark ‍on a ‌journey⁢ of flavor and health with our Roasted Goji‌ Berry Tea! Sourced from South‌ Korea, ⁤our tea offers ​a 100% Korean product that is free ⁢from‌ artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives. Handcrafted ​through ⁣our special dry and roasting method, each sip is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Experience the‌ delicious ⁢taste of our tea, whether you brew ​it in hot⁣ water or add it to⁢ your⁢ favorite dishes. With ⁤the ‍convenience of a T-bag, ​you can enjoy it anywhere,​ from the comfort of ​your home to the tranquility of a bathhouse. Elevate your tea-drinking⁣ experience with our Roasted Goji Berry Tea ​and​ savor the unique ‌flavors of Korea!

Package Dimensions 9.72 x 7.36 x 1.81 inches
Weight 9.38‍ ounces
Country of Origin Korea, Republic⁤ of

Experience the Taste of Korea Now!

Our Recommendations for the Perfect Brewing⁣ Process

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When it ⁤comes to the perfect brewing process, we highly‌ recommend trying ‍out the [YEON GO FARM] ⁤Roasted Goji Berry Tea. This ⁣100%⁣ Korean product‍ is⁤ not only reliable but also free from artificial sweeteners ​and ​synthetic additives, ensuring‍ a pure and natural taste with every ‌sip. ​What sets this tea apart is the handmade roasting method used by YEON GO FARM, which enhances the original taste⁢ of the goji berries for a truly ⁤delightful drinking experience.

Whether you choose⁣ to ⁤steep 2-3 grams ⁢of tea‍ in⁣ hot water for 2 minutes⁤ or boil 10-20 grams in 1.5​ liters of water for a more intense flavor, ⁣this Roasted Goji Berry Tea brews ​deliciously and joyfully every time. With the convenience of a T-bag option, you‍ can enjoy this tea on the go, making it the‍ perfect companion for any occasion. ​Don’t miss out on this Korean delight and upgrade your tea experience with the [YEON GO FARM] ​Roasted Goji ⁤Berry Tea today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ‍Reviews Analysis

After reviewing the customer feedback for Yeon Go Farm’s Korean Roasted Goji ‌Berry Tea, we have gathered‌ some key points and insights from ⁤the reviews:

Positive Feedback:

1 This is a ‌great tasting goji berry ⁢tea!
2 Great price for a bulk tea option.
3 The tea tastes ⁤delicious ⁣and is enjoyable to‍ drink​ throughout the day.

Negative Feedback:

1 One customer mentioned that the color of the ⁢tea is black, which may not‌ be to​ everyone’s preference.
2 Another customer found the small size⁢ packaging to be a bit burnt.

Overall, the ⁢majority of the reviews⁢ were positive, highlighting the ⁤great taste and value of Yeon Go Farm’s Korean Roasted Goji Berry Tea.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. 100% Korean⁣ product
2.​ Handmade roasting ⁣process
3. No artificial sweeteners or synthetic additives
4. Special dry and roasting method enhances taste
5. Convenient packaging with zipper bag


1. Requires boiling for ‌20-30 minutes for​ full flavor
2. ‌May‍ not be suitable for those who prefer sweetened tea
3. Limited brewing capacity of only 1 ​liter


Q: Is ⁣this Goji Berry Tea really 100% Korean?

A: Yes, this Roasted Goji Berry ‍Tea⁤ from Yeon Go Farm ⁢is 100%​ Korean made with carefully selected raw materials sourced from South Korea.

Q: Can I add ​sweeteners or ‌other additives to ‌this tea?

A: You don’t have to! This tea is completely free from artificial sweeteners and synthetic ​additives, allowing you⁤ to enjoy its natural flavors without any extra ingredients.

Q: How do I brew this tea for the ‍best taste?

A: You can simply put 2-3‍ grams of tea in ‍a glass of hot water⁤ and wait⁢ for 2 minutes before drinking. For a stronger brew,‍ put 10 to 20g in 1.5 liters of water ⁤and boil it for 20-30 minutes. You can also chew the whole ⁢goji berries for a different experience.

Q: Can I use this tea in recipes or‍ food?

A: Absolutely! You can incorporate ⁣this Roasted⁢ Goji Berry Tea in various recipes or sprinkle it on top of your favorite dishes for‍ a unique flavor twist.

Q:⁢ Is this tea suitable for on-the-go or‌ travel?

A: Yes! With the​ convenient T-bag ‌packaging, you can easily bring this tea with you anywhere, whether you’re at the gym, spa, or on ‍a ‌vacation.

We ⁢hope these answers help you decide ⁤if Yeon Go​ Farm’s Korean Roasted ‌Goji Berry Tea is the right choice for ‍you!

Discover the Power

In conclusion, the Yeon Go Farm Korean⁣ Roasted Goji Berry Tea is ⁣a delightful and authentic Korean product that brings a burst of‌ flavor with ⁢every sip.‌ With ‍its special dry ‍and roasting method, ⁣it enhances ⁣the original taste of the goji berries, ⁣making it a⁤ delicious and healthy beverage option. Whether you prefer to brew it as a ⁢tea or incorporate it‍ into ⁢your cooking, this tea offers versatility and quality in every ziplock⁣ bag.

Experience the taste of Korea with Yeon Go Farm’s Roasted Goji Berry ⁤Tea. ⁤Try it now ​and elevate your tea-drinking experience!⁣ Click ⁣here⁣ to get ⁤your​ own pack: Buy now!

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