Revitalize Your Washing Machine! Deep Clean with Affresh Washer Cleaner

Welcome to our ​product⁤ review blog!‍ Today, we‍ are excited to share our first-hand experience with the Affresh Washing⁣ Machine Cleaner. As avid laundry enthusiasts, we ⁤understand the importance of keeping our washers clean and fresh to ensure ‌the longevity⁤ and efficiency of our machines.‍ That’s why we couldn’t wait⁤ to try‌ out this product⁣ that promises to deep clean ‍both ⁤front load and top load washers,‍ including​ high efficiency (HE) models.

The Affresh Washing Machine​ Cleaner is specially‍ formulated to tackle those hard-to-reach areas that often go unnoticed, eliminating odor-causing residues and build-up that can accumulate over time. With its slow-dissolve tablets, we ⁢found it incredibly convenient and⁢ effective⁤ in cleaning not⁢ only ⁢the visible parts of our machine but ‍also the pump, valve, drum, agitator, ​filter, and drain hose.

We love that this cleaner is⁢ designed⁤ to be ​hassle-free. Simply drop ⁤one tablet into an empty ⁢washer and ‍run a normal hot ⁤or Clean Washer cycle for a fresh and clean appliance. It’s as easy as that!‍ Plus, with ‌the tablets made with U.S. ⁣EPA ‌Safer Choice certified​ ingredients, we felt confident in using a product that is⁣ both effective and environmentally friendly.

One of the standout features of the Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner is ⁢its time-release tablets. Unlike many ⁤other cleaners on the ‍market, these​ tablets ensure an extended⁤ cleaning process, ensuring every nook and cranny of⁣ our machine is thoroughly⁣ cleaned. We were ⁣impressed with the results, as ⁢our washer ‌smelled‍ noticeably fresher and looked visibly cleaner after just one use.

Not only is the Affresh⁢ Washing Machine ​Cleaner compatible⁤ with both top and front load washers, but it is also safe to​ use with⁤ high efficiency models. For optimal results,⁣ we recommend using this cleaner on a monthly basis⁤ to maintain‍ the cleanliness and performance of your machine.

Overall, our ⁤experience with⁤ the⁤ Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner has been nothing short of exceptional. It has exceeded ‌our expectations in ⁢terms of effectiveness, ease of ‌use, and overall performance. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to deep clean your washing machine,​ we highly recommend giving ⁣the Affresh ⁣Washing ‌Machine ‌Cleaner⁤ a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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Overview of the Affresh⁤ Washing Machine⁣ Cleaner

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The Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner‌ is a powerful solution that effectively ‌deep cleans your washing machine, targeting areas that are often ⁣overlooked and difficult to reach. With its specially formulated tablets, this cleaner works to⁢ remove odor-causing residues and build-up that ​can accumulate over time, ensuring that your machine stays fresh and clean.

One of the key features ​of this cleaner is its slow-dissolving formula, which allows it to work its magic⁣ throughout the entire wash cycle. ⁣Simply drop ​one tablet into ⁢an empty washer and run it on a normal hot or Clean Washer cycle. The Affresh Washing‌ Machine Cleaner will work its way deep into the pump, valve, tub,​ drum, agitator,​ filter, and hose,⁣ eliminating ​any lingering odors‌ and grime.

This cleaner is not only highly‌ effective but also safe to use. It ‌is made ‌with U.S. EPA Safer Choice certified ingredients, ensuring that it is gentle on your machine and the ⁢environment. ⁣The time-release tablets are septic safe and can be used with both top ‌and front load washing⁢ machines, including HE (high efficiency)‍ models.

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use the Affresh Washing⁤ Machine Cleaner on a monthly ⁣basis. By incorporating this cleaner into​ your regular ‌maintenance⁢ routine, you can ensure⁣ that your washing ​machine continues to perform at ​its best, providing you with fresh and ⁤clean laundry ⁤every time.

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to deep clean your washing machine, the‌ Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner is the perfect ‍solution. Click ⁤here to get your ⁢hands on this product and say goodbye to odor-causing residues⁤ and ⁤grime ‌in ⁢your machine: Call to Action: Shop Now

Highlighting the Effective Features of⁣ the Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

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  • Deep Cleans Even Hidden Areas: The Affresh Washing Machine ⁤Cleaner is specially formulated to dissolve slowly throughout the entire wash cycle, reaching deep into your washing machine to⁣ clean areas that are⁢ often ‍overlooked. It ‍effectively removes odor-causing residues‍ and build-up that can accumulate over ‍time, ensuring a fresh and clean appliance.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether ⁤you⁣ have​ a top load or front​ load washing machine, including HE (high efficiency) models, the Affresh Washing⁤ Machine Cleaner is compatible with⁢ them all. ⁣This means that no matter ​what type of washing machine ‌you​ have, you can benefit ‌from the ‍extended cleaning power​ of this product.

In addition to these features, the Affresh⁤ Washing Machine⁢ Cleaner⁣ is​ made with U.S. EPA Safer Choice‍ certified ingredients, making it a safe choice for your home. The time-release tablets are septic safe and can be used monthly for optimal⁢ results.

To⁤ experience the deep cleaning action of‍ the Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner for⁤ yourself, click here to purchase ⁢it on Amazon.

Insights and‌ Recommendations for using the⁢ Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

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  1. Deep Cleans Even the Hidden Areas: The Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner is specifically designed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas in ‍your washing machine that you‍ can’t ‌see, such as the pump, ⁤valve, tub, drum,⁢ agitator, filter, and ‍hose. With ⁣its powerful formula, it effectively removes odor-causing residues and build-up ‌that can accumulate over⁤ time, ⁣leaving your machine fresh and clean.

  2. Easy to Use: Using the Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner is incredibly simple.​ Just drop one tablet into an⁣ empty washer and⁢ run a ‍normal⁢ hot or Clean Washer ​cycle. The tablet will dissolve slowly throughout the entire wash cycle, ensuring a thorough cleaning of all the key components of your machine. For optimal⁢ results, it is recommended to ‍use the cleaner monthly.

Our recommendation:
Make affresh® washer cleaner⁤ a part of your regular cleaning routine to keep your washing machine‌ in tip-top shape. It not ‌only eliminates unpleasant odors but also helps extend the lifespan of ⁤your machine.⁢ Don’t let hidden residues⁢ and grime affect your laundry’s freshness. Try Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner today and⁤ experience the difference it can make in the performance of your washer. Order now⁢ on Amazon ⁢to enjoy a cleaner,⁤ fresher laundry experience with just⁣ one click.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have ⁤gathered a variety of customer reviews for the Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner to provide you with insights into its effectiveness⁣ and user experience. Here is an analysis of the‌ reviews:

Review Key Points
Works really‌ well removing mold odors and cleans ⁣the tub cylinder well! I had to use‌ 1 the first time and a 1/4 the ​second time Effective in removing mold odors
Requires minimal usage
The⁢ mildew smell in my washing machine⁤ had been ⁤bothering me‌ more and more for the past 10 years…It was so simple to use ​and just one washing cycle ⁢got rid of all the smell!…I plan to use‍ it regularly to keep the odor from coming back. Effective in⁢ eliminating mildew smell
Simple ‍to use
Regular usage prevents odor recurrence
To use ⁣the cleaner,​ I simply place a tablet in the detergent dispenser and run the washing machine ​on a normal cycle…It does not produce⁣ suds, which can be harmful to ​HE machines…I have noticed an‍ improvement in ⁢the ⁣overall⁤ performance of my washing machine. It cleans clothes more effectively and leaves them with a ‌fresher smell. Easy to use
Safe for ‌HE machines
Improves ⁣washing⁢ machine ⁤performance
Easy to use. Fill the washer with hot water,⁤ drop in a⁣ tablet and‍ walk away…I was surprised ⁢when⁤ the swamp ⁣smell was significantly reduced, but ⁢not gone. So, I ran ‌a second cycle⁢ through and that worked…They work and we have hard water. Convenient ‌and straightforward usage
Effective in reducing unpleasant odors
Suitable for hard water
This product‍ was recommended by my Whirlpool washer…It works hands down​ to Clorox plus it ⁢smells better. I am very happy with this product to do the job of ⁤cleaning my washer ⁤and smelling better. Recommended by Whirlpool washer
Outperforms Clorox
Pleasant smell
I love this product⁤ and will ⁣be purchasing again…helps‍ remove any residue that left in the washer…ALWAYS USE ON HOT! Satisfactory product
Effective ⁤in residue removal
Usage on ⁢hot ‍setting recommended
Don’t buy in the pouch. Only 2 of the tablets were ‍whole…We’ll see if ⁤it⁢ arrives damaged. Poor⁢ packaging experience
Admittedly, I had never​ washed my dishwasher until I asked my​ neighbor how she keeps her dishwasher so clean…well, after I found this product on Amazon and ‍I bought it and‍ tried ​it the first time, I ⁣realized that ⁤it does a hell of a better job than the Tide ones….BIG DIFFERENCE…I’m ​sold. Effective ​in ⁤cleaning dishwashers
Outperforms‌ Tide brand
Positive ‌comparison to competitor
One of my favourite products for​ home cleaning…I ran the⁣ washer through 2 cycles with‌ 2 tables (1 tablet each), and the washer smelled super fresh and clean…It’s very straightforward and depending on⁤ your laundry⁢ usage, it could last‍ you around 4-6 months. Preferred​ product for home‌ cleaning
Effective in ⁣providing freshness
Durable and long-lasting

Overall, customers have expressed satisfaction with the Affresh Washing ‍Machine Cleaner. ​It has proven to be effective in removing mold, mildew, and unpleasant ‌odors, ‍leaving the washing machine and clothes fresh and clean. The cleaner is⁣ easy to use and​ compatible ‍with both regular ‌and high-efficiency machines.‍ Users ​have observed an improvement⁤ in the washing machine’s performance after using the product regularly. Some customers ⁣have​ faced issues with packaging, emphasizing the importance of buying the product in proper containers. However, ⁢the majority of users have ⁢found the⁤ Affresh‌ Cleaner to be a ​reliable and essential ⁣cleaning product for their washing machines.

Considering the positive feedback and lasting results, we highly recommend ​the Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner for revitalizing your washing machine and ⁣maintaining its optimal performance.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective deep cleaning: The Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner is specially ‍formulated⁢ to remove ‍the ⁤odor-causing residues and build-up⁢ that can accumulate‍ inside a washing machine. It targets the pump, valve, ⁤tub, ⁢drum,‍ agitator, filter, and hose, ensuring a thorough clean.
  • Easy to use: Simply drop‌ one ‍tablet into an empty washer and run a ‌normal hot or Clean Washer cycle. The tablets dissolve slowly throughout⁢ the wash cycle, ‌providing extended cleaning.
  • Safe for machines: Affresh​ Washer Cleaner is ⁢designed⁢ for top and‍ front‌ load washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE) models. It is also​ septic safe.
  • Certified ⁤ingredients: The cleaner‍ is made with US EPA Safer Choice‍ certified ingredients, ⁤giving you peace of mind about its safety.
  • Optimal results with⁢ monthly use: To maintain a clean and fresh appliance, it ​is recommended to use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner once a month.


  • Additional cost: While the Affresh‌ Washing Machine ‍Cleaner provides ‍effective​ cleaning, it is an additional expense ⁣to consider on⁤ top⁢ of ⁤regular laundry detergent.
  • Limited quantity: The ⁤package includes three ⁣tablets, which may not last for an extended period if you have a heavily used washing ⁢machine or multiple machines to​ clean.
  • Slow⁣ dissolve time: Some users have noted that the⁢ tablets dissolve slowly, extending⁢ the overall wash cycle time.


Q: ‍How‌ often should I use Affresh Washing⁤ Machine Cleaner?

A: For optimal results,⁢ it is​ recommended to use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner once a ​month. This will help remove⁣ odor-causing ‍residues and build-up in ‍your washing ​machine,‌ ensuring a fresh and clean appliance.

Q: Can I use Affresh Washer ​Cleaner with both​ front load and top load washers?

A: Yes, you can use ⁤Affresh Washer Cleaner with both front load and top load washers, ​including HE (high efficiency) machines. It is specially formulated​ to ⁢clean deep inside the‍ pump, valve, tub, drum, agitator, filter, and hose​ of your⁢ washing ​machine, regardless of the type.

Q: How ⁤should I use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner?

A: Using Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner is easy! ​Simply drop one tablet into an empty‍ washer and run it​ on a normal hot or Clean Washer cycle. The⁣ tablet will dissolve slowly throughout the entire‌ wash cycle, ensuring​ a thorough clean.

Q: Is ‌Affresh Washer Cleaner safe⁣ for ​septic⁣ systems?

A: Yes, Affresh Washer Cleaner ‍is safe‍ for​ septic systems. The time-release​ tablets are made with U.S. EPA Safer Choice certified ingredients, ensuring a safe and effective cleaning process that⁤ won’t harm ⁤your septic system.

Q: How long does the cleaning effect of ⁤Affresh Washer Cleaner last?

A: The⁤ cleaning effect of‍ Affresh Washer Cleaner is extended, thanks ​to‌ its time-release tablets. These tablets continuously dissolve throughout ​the wash cycle, providing ‌a deep clean‍ even in ⁢hard-to-reach areas of⁣ your washing machine.

Q: Can Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner remove tough stains?

A: While Affresh⁢ Washer‍ Cleaner is​ designed to remove odor-causing residues and grime, it may not be as⁤ effective on⁢ tough⁢ stains. For tough stains, we recommend pre-treating the affected areas with a ‍stain remover before using Affresh Washer Cleaner for ⁢a complete cleaning solution.

Q:‍ Is​ Affresh Washer Cleaner manufactured by Whirlpool?

A: Yes,‍ Affresh Washer Cleaner is manufactured by Whirlpool. It is a trusted brand known for its high-quality⁢ products, including washing machines and accompanying maintenance‍ solutions like Affresh Washer Cleaner.

Q: Where is Affresh ‍Washing Machine Cleaner ⁣made?

A: Affresh Washing Machine ⁣Cleaner⁤ is made in China. Despite ⁢its manufacturing origin, the product is produced to meet​ stringent quality⁣ standards to ensure its effectiveness in deep cleaning your washing machine.

Q: Is Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner⁢ discontinued?

A: No, Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner is not discontinued. It is a widely available product that can be purchased online ⁣and at various retail ‍stores. You can rely on​ its availability for your regular washing machine maintenance needs.

Q: Can ​Affresh⁢ Washer ⁣Cleaner⁤ be⁣ used in‌ combination with other cleaning products?

A: It is‌ not​ recommended to use Affresh Washer Cleaner in combination with ​other cleaning products. Affresh Washer Cleaner is formulated to work effectively on its own, ⁢and using it in combination with other cleaning ‌agents ​may compromise its performance ⁤or cause undesired⁤ effects.

Embody Excellence

In conclusion, if ​you’re⁤ looking to revitalize your ‍washing machine and ‌give it a deep, ⁤thorough⁢ clean, look no further than the Affresh ⁣Washing⁢ Machine Cleaner. Our team recommends⁣ this product wholeheartedly, as it ‌goes above and beyond your average ‍detergent.

With its specially formulated, slow-dissolving tablets, Affresh cleaner is designed to‌ tackle those hard-to-reach areas of your machine that are often overlooked. It works diligently to remove⁢ odor-causing residues and⁣ build-up, leaving your washer smelling fresh‌ and clean after each use.

Not only does this cleaner target the pump, valve, ‍drum, agitator, and ⁢hose, but it also works with both ​top⁤ and ⁣front load washers,⁢ including​ high-efficiency models. Its time-release ‌tablets ⁤ensure an extended cleaning process, making it⁤ both convenient and ‍effective.

Safety ‍is a⁤ top priority,‌ and that’s why Affresh is made with U.S. EPA Safer Choice‍ certified⁢ ingredients. Rest ⁢assured that this product is septic ‌safe ⁣and⁤ can be used with peace of mind.

For optimal results, we suggest using ‌Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner ⁢on a monthly basis. By ‌doing so, you’ll prolong the life of your machine and‍ maintain its efficiency.

So don’t let your washing machine suffer from neglect any longer. Give it the love and ⁤care⁣ it deserves with Affresh ‍Washer Cleaner. Click⁤ here to purchase⁢ your‌ own​ Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner and ⁣experience ⁢the difference⁤ it can make in your laundry‍ routine: Affresh Washing⁤ Machine‍ Cleaner.

Remember, a clean machine equals ⁢clean clothes.​ Say goodbye to odors and build-up, and say hello to a fresh and efficient washing machine with Affresh!

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