Review: 50-Pack 12oz Paper Soup Containers – Ice Cream Cups & Food Storage for Christmas & Thanksgiving

Have you ever ⁢found yourself in need of convenient, durable, and versatile food containers ⁢for your gatherings or events? Look no further, as we have⁢ the perfect ‌solution for you! We recently had the pleasure of trying out the 50-pack 12oz Paper Soup Containers with Lids, and​ we couldn’t be more impressed. ‍From storing soups, ice‌ cream, yogurt, or even ​macaroni, these disposable Kraft paper‍ food cups are a game-changer. Not only are they microwavable and⁢ freezer safe, but their white design makes⁢ them​ suitable ⁣for Christmas and‌ Thanksgiving gatherings. Join us‌ as we dive into the details of​ this fantastic product and discover why it’s the perfect addition to any occasion.

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These‍ 50 pack 12oz ​paper soup⁤ containers are a game-changer when it comes to serving food‍ on the go. Made⁤ of durable paper that is ‍both ‍food-grade and recyclable, these containers are​ an eco-friendly​ alternative​ to ⁤traditional disposable‌ bowls. The high-quality material ensures ‌that‍ the containers are sturdy and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about‌ leaks or bending​ when transporting your food.

These paper food ⁣storage‌ containers are ⁢not only safe​ for the freezer but also microwave-friendly, making​ reheating and storing food a breeze. With vented lids to ‌allow steam to escape and prevent ⁢spills, these‌ containers are perfect for all occasions‌ – from picnics to ​family gatherings. Plus, with our‍ excellent customer‌ service, you can rest assured that any questions or ​concerns ​you have will be addressed promptly. Get⁢ yours today and make meal prep easier than​ ever!

Product Features and ​Benefits

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In terms of ⁤both ⁢quality‍ and functionality, these paper soup containers truly deliver. ⁢Crafted ⁣from⁤ durable and ‍food-grade material, ⁤they‌ offer a sturdy and reliable ‌option for storing hot or cold foods ⁤without the risk of leaks or​ bending. Additionally,‍ the ‍microwavable and⁤ freezer-safe⁢ design makes these‍ containers versatile and convenient for a variety of dishes, from soups and ice cream to yogurt and⁣ oatmeal.

The⁣ included 50 pieces‍ of 12oz paper food containers‌ and matching seal lids offer a stackable and space-saving solution for your food‍ storage needs. Whether you’re hosting a festive gathering or simply want to enjoy a meal on the‌ go,⁣ these containers are perfect for any occasion. Plus,‌ with our commitment​ to excellent customer service,⁢ you can rest assured that any questions or⁢ concerns‍ will be promptly ‍addressed. Don’t miss out on the benefits⁤ of these versatile‍ paper soup ‍containers – grab yours today! ⁣ Order now!

In-depth Analysis and‌ Usage​ Tips

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When it comes to the 50pack 12oz Paper Soup Containers with​ Lids, we were⁢ thoroughly impressed with the quality and durability of⁣ the material.‌ These disposable Kraft paper food cups are not only‍ sturdy but also environmentally ​friendly, making them⁣ the perfect alternative to traditional disposable bowls. We found that ⁣these containers ⁢held up well without bending or leaking,‍ providing a⁣ reliable option for storing soups, ice ⁣cream, oatmeal,‍ yogurt, and more.

One of the ⁤standout⁤ features of these‍ paper food storage containers is their versatility. Safe⁣ for‍ freezer and microwave⁤ use, they are perfect for a wide range of occasions including travel, restaurants, birthday parties, picnics, and family gatherings. The vented lids help to⁣ prevent spills and allow for the discharge of steam,⁢ ensuring that‍ your food stays fresh and ​delicious. ⁢If you’re looking ‍for a⁤ convenient and reliable food storage solution, these paper soup containers⁢ are a fantastic‍ choice.

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Our Final Verdict

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After thoroughly testing the 50pack ⁣12oz Paper Soup Containers with Lids, we can confidently say that this ‌product⁢ exceeded ⁢our expectations. The high-quality paper⁤ material used in these containers is⁢ durable and ⁢sturdy, making them a reliable option for ‍various food⁤ storage needs. Whether you’re serving hot soup, ice cream,‌ or yogurt, these containers are ‍safe‍ for use in the freezer and microwave, providing⁤ convenience and⁢ versatility.

The all-occasion design of these paper food containers with vented lids ⁤makes them perfect for a wide range⁤ of ⁣events,‍ from family​ gatherings⁤ to birthday parties. Additionally, the stackable design and tight-fitting ⁣lids ensure food freshness and easy storage. ‌With excellent ⁣customer service⁢ and a ‌commitment to quality, this product is a must-have for anyone looking for ⁤disposable food containers that are both ‍practical and reliable. Don’t miss out⁢ – get your own set today and experience the convenience⁤ firsthand!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ⁢Analysis

Positive⁤ Reviews:

A friend recommended these cups.⁢ They are not a product I would have ‌ever considered purchasing. I use these cups to store, freeze and ⁣microwave food. The lid stays on⁢ tight and⁣ I use a marker to write on them so⁢ family can easily know what’s in ​the container. They hold just ‍the right amount of leftovers for my ⁢husband⁣ and I. And they easily go from fridge/freezer to the ​microwaves. I do‍ not dislike anything about them. Good ⁣buy.
Great product and quantity for the ‍price. Held up well when filled with hot ⁢soup ⁣at a fund-raising event. ⁤The containers​ don’t look that large until you realize ‌4 ladles of soup⁤ fit⁤ inside.
Exactly what I’ve ​needed when making large pot of fish ‍stew, soups, or kale ⁣soup -⁢ for friends ​and ​family ‌to take some home – ⁢and – for weekly ‌meals ⁢for my‌ parent.
Exactly‍ what I wanted‌ and ​very⁤ quick ‌delivery!!
We ‌can never seem to ⁣make chili, soup, stew, etc., without making enough for​ a battalion. These are great to⁢ send some home with dinner‍ guests, ‍or ⁢freeze some for‍ another winter day. Love ’em.
Ok soo​ these were ⁤for my guest to take home ​the‍ soup‍ I made let’s just ‌say ⁤the soup made it into the bowls⁢ but not⁣ home lol it was that good but these worked perfectly still ​have a ton left to.

Negative Reviews:

Too small for the price

Overall, the ‍50-Pack 12oz Paper Soup ​Containers with Lids received positive feedback from customers‍ who found them to be ⁣convenient⁢ for storing‍ and heating‍ food. While some ⁢thought they ‍were too small ‌for the price, many others appreciated ⁢the ⁤quality and functionality of the product. These ‌containers were praised for their versatility in storing soups, stews, and other dishes, making them‍ a great option for‍ Christmas​ and Thanksgiving meals.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • High-quality and durable paper material
  • Food-grade ⁣and recyclable
  • Safe for ⁢freezer and‍ microwave use
  • Vented lids prevent spills
  • 50-pack is perfect for various ⁣occasions
  • Great for travel, parties, and gatherings
  • Responsive customer service
  • Tight-fitting lids for ‍food freshness


  • May not be⁣ suitable⁤ for hot liquids ⁣for extended periods
  • Lids may not be completely leak-proof
  • Not dishwasher safe


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Q: Are these paper soup⁢ containers suitable‍ for hot liquids like soup or coffee?
A: Yes, these paper soup ⁣containers are ideal for ‌hot liquids ‌such as soup, coffee,‌ or⁤ oatmeal. They are heat tolerant and designed to ​prevent leaks and spills.

Q: Can these containers be used in the microwave and freezer?
A: Absolutely! These paper food containers are freezer and microwave ‍safe, making ​them ⁢convenient for storing⁣ and heating up leftovers or⁣ meal prep.

Q: How many paper soup containers come in a pack?
A: You will receive 50 pieces of⁤ 12oz ‍paper ‍food ​containers in each pack, along with 50 matching sealable‌ lids.⁣ This ensures you have plenty to use for various occasions and events.

Q: Are these paper soup ⁤containers recyclable?
A: Yes, these paper soup containers⁣ are made of food-grade, recyclable material, making them an eco-friendly option for​ disposable food storage.

Q: Can I use these paper soup containers for parties and gatherings?
A:⁢ Absolutely!⁣ These disposable‌ paper food containers are ⁣perfect for all occasions, such as picnics,⁢ birthday parties,⁤ weddings, and family gatherings. They are ‍convenient and easy⁣ to use​ for large groups of⁢ people.

Q: What is the customer service like for this product?
A: We take customer satisfaction seriously! If you have any questions or concerns after purchasing⁤ these paper soup containers, feel free to reach out⁤ to ⁤us via email. We promise to respond within 24 hours and assist you with any issues ⁣you⁢ may have.

Unleash Your True​ Potential

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In⁣ conclusion, the 50-Pack ​12oz Paper Soup Containers ⁣are versatile, high-quality, and perfect ​for all occasions, from Christmas ⁤and Thanksgiving ⁣gatherings to birthday parties and ⁣picnics.⁣ With their‌ freezer ‌and microwave safe⁣ design, these paper food storage containers with​ lids are a⁣ convenient and eco-friendly option ​for⁤ all your ⁢food storage ⁢needs.

If you’re‍ interested in getting your hands on these practical and ​stylish ​paper soup containers, click here to purchase them on Amazon: Get your 50-Pack 12oz Paper Soup Containers now!

Happy ‍storing and ⁢enjoy ⁤your delicious meals with ease!

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