Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot Review: Small Pot Perfect for Single Use

Hello fellow foodies! Today we want to share our ‍experience ​with the Banko⁢ Ware 14873 Single Use Earthenpot. This small‍ pot, with a ⁤diameter of 6.7 inches (17 cm), ⁢is ⁢a true gem when it comes to ‌cooking ‌delicious​ dishes. Made in Japan, this mini pot is not only charming but also incredibly functional. From direct​ fire to the microwave oven,‍ this versatile pot can handle it all. Join us ‍as we dive into the ⁤world of Ichimatsu Yasai and⁤ explore the wonders of​ this single-use earthenpot.

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When⁤ it comes to versatile and traditional cooking vessels, the Banko‌ Ware 14873 Single Use Earthenpot stands out ⁣as a top choice. Crafted in Japan with high-quality heat-resistant ceramic, this small⁤ pot is perfect for direct fire‍ cooking as well as use in ⁢the microwave⁣ oven. Its compact ​size of approximately 6.7 inches in diameter makes it ideal‌ for ​single serving meals⁣ or side⁤ dishes.

With a capacity of ⁢approximately 22.0 fl oz, this‌ mini pot is lightweight at​ around 29.4 oz, making ‌it easy to handle‍ and store. The ​Ichimatsu⁤ Yasai design ‍adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen,⁤ while the durable construction ensures long-lasting use. ‍Whether ‌you’re cooking ⁣up‌ a hearty stew or steaming ⁢vegetables, this earthenpot is a must-have for any culinary enthusiast.

Unique⁢ Features of Banko Ware 14873⁢ Single Use Earthenpot

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When it comes to the Banko Ware⁤ 14873 ⁢Single ⁤Use Earthenpot, one ​of the most standout ⁣features is its heat-resistant ceramic​ material. This ensures‍ that ⁤you can use it with⁢ direct fire ⁣or ‍in the​ microwave⁣ oven without any ⁣worries. The small pot has a diameter of 6.7 inches, making⁣ it perfect ‍for individual servings or small dishes. Plus, it has ⁤a capacity of‍ approximately 22.0 fl oz, so you can cook up a ‌variety of recipes with ease.

Not only is​ this mini pot practical, but it also​ boasts a beautiful design inspired by Ichimatsu Yasai. Made⁢ in Japan, the‍ Banko ⁢Ware 14873 Single Use Earthenpot is a true testament to ⁤traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail.‌ With its sleek finish and ceramic lid, this pot is not only functional but also⁣ a stylish⁤ addition to your kitchen.⁤ Experience the quality and versatility of this unique earthenpot for yourself by clicking‍ the link below and adding it to your ‌collection​ today.

Detailed Insights into Ichimatsu‌ Yasai ⁤Mini Pot

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When it comes to cooking, the Banko Ware 14873 Single Use Earthenpot is an absolute game changer. This small pot, also known as‍ the ⁤Ichimatsu Yasai ​Mini Pot, is ⁢a must-have‌ for anyone who loves to⁣ experiment in the kitchen. With ⁢a diameter⁤ of 6.7 inches, it⁤ is the perfect size for cooking individual‌ portions⁤ or​ small dishes.

The heat-resistant ceramic body and lid of ⁤this mini pot make it⁣ ideal for use in direct fire or microwave ovens.​ Plus, it is proudly made in Japan, known for its high-quality craftsmanship. With a capacity of approximately 22.0 fl oz, this mini pot⁤ is versatile enough to​ cook a ‍variety of dishes. Whether⁤ you’re cooking soups, stews, or rice​ dishes, this mini pot⁣ has got you⁤ covered.

Size Weight Material Capacity
6.7 x 7.6 x ​4.0 inches 29.4 oz Heat-resistant ceramic 22.0 fl oz

Experience ​the wonders of Japanese cooking with the ‍Banko ⁢Ware 14873 Single Use Earthenpot. Upgrade your kitchen ‍arsenal with ⁢this ​versatile and beautifully crafted mini pot. Get ​yours today ‍and elevate ‌your culinary creations to the next level!

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Our Recommendation for Banko ⁢Ware 14873 Single Use ⁢Earthenpot

When it comes to single-use‌ earthenpots, the Banko ​Ware 14873 is a standout option. This ⁢small ⁤pot, ⁣with ⁣a diameter ​of 6.7 inches, is not ⁤only aesthetically pleasing with its Ichimatsu Yasai design, but​ it is ‍also highly functional. Made in ‍Japan with heat-resistant ceramic, this pot is‌ safe to use‍ on direct fire and in the⁢ microwave oven.

With ​a capacity ‍of ‍approximately 22.0 fl oz, this mini pot is perfect‍ for​ individual​ meals or⁢ side dishes. The quality and craftsmanship of this Banko ‍Ware earthenpot are ‌evident in ‌its weight and durability. For ‌those looking to⁤ enhance ​their cooking experience with‌ a traditional Japanese touch, we highly recommend giving this⁤ earthenpot a try. Experience the convenience and authenticity ⁣of Banko Ware 14873 for yourself!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing customer feedback for ‍the Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot, we have gathered ⁤valuable insights that ‌can help you‌ make an informed decision ​before purchasing ‍this product.


1 High Quality
2 Compact⁤ Size,⁢ Perfect for Single Use
3 Can be Used⁢ in Direct⁣ Fire and⁤ Microwave Oven


1 Small Capacity
2 Pricey Compared to Similar Products

Overall, customers seem to be pleased with ⁤the Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot, praising its high quality and versatility in terms ⁤of​ cooking methods. However, some reviewers mentioned ‌the small capacity of ‌the pot and the relatively high price compared‌ to other options.

Keep in mind these pros and cons when ‌deciding ‌whether this product fits your needs and budget.

Pros & ⁢Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Authentic Japanese⁢ design
  • Perfect size for​ single use
  • Can be used in direct fire and microwave oven
  • High-quality⁤ heat-resistant ceramic ‍material
  • Handcrafted in Japan


  • Small size may not be suitable for larger servings
  • May require extra care when handling due to its fragile nature
  • Higher price⁢ point ⁤compared ​to similar products

Overall, ⁣the Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot‌ is a great option for those looking for a small pot ⁢for single use. Its authentic Japanese​ design and high-quality materials make it a⁣ standout choice for those⁤ who appreciate traditional craftsmanship. While it‍ may have a⁢ few drawbacks, we⁤ believe its pros ⁢outweigh the cons, making it ​a worthwhile investment for your kitchen.


Q: Is the Banko Ware 14873 Single⁤ Use Earthenpot ⁤truly⁣ small and perfect ⁤for single use?
A: Yes,‌ the ⁣Banko​ Ware ⁣14873 Single Use Earthenpot is a small pot perfect for single use, with ​a diameter of 6.7 inches (17 cm)⁤ and⁣ a ‌capacity⁣ of ‍approximately 22.0 fl oz (650 ml).‌ It is ideal ​for cooking⁤ single servings of your favorite dishes.

Q: Can I use the Banko ⁤Ware ‍14873 Earthenpot in⁣ a ‍microwave oven?
A: Yes, the Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot is microwave oven safe, allowing you to ⁤easily reheat your food without transferring⁤ it to another ‌container.

Q: Is the Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot⁣ suitable for direct‍ fire cooking?
A: Yes, the Banko ⁤Ware 14873 Earthenpot is designed for direct fire cooking, making it⁣ versatile for various cooking methods.

Q: How durable is the Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot?
A: The Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot is made of heat-resistant ceramic, ⁣ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

Q: Where is the ⁣Banko⁢ Ware 14873 Earthenpot made?
A: The Banko Ware 14873 ⁢Earthenpot is made in⁢ Japan, known for⁤ its high-quality ceramic​ products.

Q: ​Can I use the Banko Ware 14873 ‍Earthenpot for cooking ‌Ichimatsu Yasai?
A: Yes, the Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot‍ is‍ perfect for ​cooking​ Ichimatsu Yasai,⁣ allowing you to prepare delicious⁤ and authentic Japanese‍ dishes in this traditional​ pot.

Unleash Your True⁣ Potential

As we‌ wrap up our ​review of the Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot, we can confidently⁣ say that this⁤ small pot⁢ is ‌perfect for single use. Its convenient size, high-quality materials, and versatile usage make it ​a⁣ must-have for any kitchen enthusiast.

If‌ you’re looking to add a touch of ⁢Japan to your cooking experience, we highly recommend giving ‍this mini pot a try. Click here‌ to get your hands on the ⁣Banko Ware 14873 Earthenpot⁣ and elevate your culinary creations: Buy Now!

Thank you‍ for ​joining us for this review, and stay​ tuned‌ for more exciting ​product features and ‍recommendations!

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